Aeromexico Seat Selection

Aeromexico Seat Selection – All You Need To Know

Aeromexico is the flag carrier airline of Mexico, founded in 1934. It is currently the largest airline in Mexico, operating flights to over 90 destinations in Mexico, North America, South America, Central America, Europe, and Asia. With a fleet of over 130 aircraft, Aeromexico offers a wide range of seat options to cater to the needs of its diverse passengers. In this article, we will explore the seat selection process of Aeromexico and the various seating options available to passengers.

Seat Selection Process

The seat selection process of Aeromexico is simple and easy to navigate. Passengers can choose their seats at the time of booking their flight or anytime before check-in. The airline offers different ways for passengers to select their desired seats, including online, through the mobile app, or by contacting the airline’s customer service.

Online Seat Selection

Passengers can select their seats on the Aeromexico website by accessing the ‘Manage Your Trip’ section. After entering their reservation code and last name, passengers can view the seat map and choose their preferred seat. The seat map shows the availability of seats, and passengers can filter the options based on their preferences, such as window or aisle seats, or seats with extra legroom.

Mobile App Seat Selection

Aeromexico’s mobile app also allows passengers to select their seats. After downloading the app, passengers can log in using their reservation code and last name and access the seat map to choose their preferred seat. The app also offers the option to upgrade to a higher class of service or purchase additional services, such as seat assignments, if available.

Customer Service Seat Selection

Passengers who prefer to speak to a customer service representative can also select their seats by contacting Aeromexico’s customer service at +1-800-237-6639 or +1-860-845-0471. The airline’s representatives can assist passengers in choosing their seats and provide any necessary information or assistance.

When You Can Select Seats

Aeromexico opens their seat selection starting 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. This window gives you the opportunity to explore the seat map and choose where you want to sit.

It’s highly recommended to select seats as soon as you’re able to after booking your ticket. The most preferred seats understandably book up quickly, so reserving a spot early ensures you get what you want.

You can change your selection any time before check-in as long as there are still open seats. So if you reserved something initially but then find a better option, you can switch. You can make on the Aeromexico website or mobile app.

If you don’t pre-select seats, they will automatically be assigned to you at check-in. But this means you may get stuck with middle seats or spots you don’t prefer. Booking early maximizes your options.

Types of Seats

Aeromexico offers a variety of seating options to cater to the needs of its passengers that includes –

  1. Economy Class: Aeromexico’s Economy Class is the standard seating option available on all flights. Passengers can choose from a variety of seats, including standard seats, preferred seats, and seats with extra legroom. Standard seats offer a comfortable seat pitch of 31-32 inches, while preferred seats provide more legroom with a seat pitch of 34 inches. Seats with extra legroom offer even more space with a seat pitch of 36-38 inches. Passengers can select their preferred seats at an additional cost, depending on the route and availability.
  2. Clase Premier (Business Class): Aeromexico’s Clase Premier, also known as Business Class, is available on select domestic and international flights. Passengers traveling in Clase Premier can enjoy a spacious and comfortable seat pitch of 39-40 inches. The seats can recline to a fully flat position, providing a comfortable sleeping experience on long-haul flights.
  3. AM Plus: AM Plus is Aeromexico’s premium economy seating option available on select flights. Passengers can enjoy extra legroom with a seat pitch of 34 inches, as well as priority boarding and an enhanced in-flight experience. AM Plus seats also come with a personal entertainment system and a complimentary amenity kit.
  4. Seats for Passengers with Disabilities: Aeromexico offers specific seats for passengers with disabilities, including those who require wheelchair assistance or those traveling with service animals. These seats are located near the aircraft doors for easy access comfortably.
  5. Bassinet Seats: For passengers traveling with infants, Aeromexico offers bassinet seats on select flights. These seats are located at the bulkhead and have a fold-down bed for infants to sleep in during the flight.

Seat Selection Fees

The fees for selecting seats on Aeromexico vary depending on the route, class of service, and seat type. Passengers traveling in Economy Class can select their seats at an additional cost, while Clase Premier and AM Plus seats are included in the fare. The fees for seat selection are non-refundable, and the amount may vary based on the fare class and route.

Passengers who do not select seats at the time of booking will be assigned seats at check-in, which may not be the desired seat type or location. Therefore, it is recommended to select seats in advance to ensure a comfortable and personalized flying experience.


In conclusion, Aeromexico offers a variety of seat options to cater to the diverse needs of its passengers. From Economy Class to Clase Premier, the airline offers comfortable and spacious seats, with the option to select preferred seats at an additional cost. Passengers can choose their seats easily through the airline’s website, mobile app, or by contacting customer service. With its excellent seat selection process and in-flight experience, Aeromexico ensures a comfortable and enjoyable journey for its passengers.

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