Frontier Airlines Seat Selection

Understanding Frontier Seat Selection

Frontier Airlines, known for its low-fare structure, offers the option to reserve preferred seats for an additional fee. Choosing your seat ahead of time ensures a comfortable flying experience tailored to your preferences; however, understanding the intricacies of Frontier’s seat selection system is crucial. We aim to clarify common questions surrounding Frontier seat selection in this comprehensive article.

Can you pick your own seats on frontier airlines?

No, Frontier Airlines does not allow customers to select their own seats during booking. Seats are automatically assign for free at check-in 24 hours before departure. You can pay fees ranging from $8-$150 per segment to select specific seats like Stretch Seats with extra legroom or Frontier’s Premium Seats during booking. Frontier’s business model involves keeping base fares low by charging ancillary fees for add-ons like seat selection. If you don’t pay to pre-assign seats, you will automatically assigned any remaining seats for free at online check-in.

How to select a seat with Frontier Airlines?

  • Seats are automatically assign for free during online check-in starting 24 hours before your flight’s departure. You cannot pick your seat at booking for free.
  • If you want to select your seat in advance, fees range from $8-$150 per segment depending on seat type and flight duration. Options include Stretch Seats with extra legroom and Frontier’s Premium Seats.
  • You can pay to select your seat at any time during the booking process or later through manage my booking on Frontier’s website.
  • Frontier’s WORKS bundle includes free seat selection from available options at booking. Otherwise seat selection fees apply.
  • Passengers requiring accommodations can request seat changes for free but options may limit once onboard.
  • At airport check-in, you can also pay seat selection fees and pick from remaining available seats.
  • If you don’t pre-pay for a seat, any remaining seats are assigned complimentary during online check-in.

How to get free seats on the frontier?

Obtaining entirely free seats on Frontier Airlines is rare, given their business model as a low-cost carrier. Nevertheless, there are ways to acquire discounted or cheap fares on Frontier flights.

  • First, monitor sales and promotional periods on Frontier’s website and social media platforms.
  • Second, utilize discount codes found online or shared via email newsletters.
  • Third, join Frontier’s loyalty program, Frontier Miles, to collect miles for reward flights and perks.
  • Fourth, buy discounted gift cards from resale sites.
  • Fifth, strategically plan connecting flights to decrease overall costs.
  • Sixth, opt for package deals like Works Perks or Perks, which bundle various add-ons at a reduced rate.
  • Lastly, prepay extras such as checked luggage and seat assignments during the initial booking phase to lock in lower prices.

Though free seats are elusive, implementing these strategies helps shrewd consumers secure reasonably priced flights on Frontier Airlines.

How much does picking a seat on Frontier Airlines cost?

The fees for selecting seats on Frontier Airlines flights vary between $17 and $55 per seat. The exact cost depends on several factors like your fare type, destination, and which specific seat you want to select. Flights within the U.S. tend to have lower seat selection fees starting around $17, while international Frontier flights have fees from $45 to $55 per seat. Certain preferred seats like Stretch Seats with extra legroom or Frontier’s Premium Seats come with higher fees, while regular economy seats have lower fees. But in general, the cost to pick a seat ranges from $17 up to $55 each way for Frontier Airlines flights, based on your fare and seating preferences.

What is Frontier Airlines’ seat selection policy?

  • You can select seat during booking, after booking until 45 minutes before departure, or at online check-in
  • Fees are charged to pick seats before check-in opens, ranging based on seat type
  • Customers who book online must also select paid seats online, not by phone
  • Seat selection is subject to availability
  • If no seat is pre-selected, remaining seats are assigned free at check-in
  • The policy essentially is that seats are not included in base fares – you must pay to pick a seat outside of the free assignments done at check-in
  • This allows Frontier to keep base fares low and generate ancillary revenue from seat selection fees

So in summary, Frontier charges for advance seat selection outside of the complimentary assignments done automatically at check-in time. Fees vary by seat type and must be paid online if booking online. Seat selection is always subject to availability.

How to get the best seat on Frontier Airlines without paying?

  • Check-in online as early as possible, at exactly 24 hours before departure. The earlier you check-in, the better seat options you will have for the free automatic assignments.
  • Join Frontier’s Discount Den loyalty program, as elite status members get access to select preferred seats for free on every flight.
  • Use miles from Frontier’s frequent flyer program if you have enough accrued. You can redeem miles to select seats that normally have a fee.
  • Consider joining Frontier’s $59 annual Discount Den membership which includes free seat selection from available options at booking.
  • Be flexible with your seating preferences, as you will be limited to whatever leftover seats are there if you don’t pay.
  • Ask at the gate if any better seats are available, as sometimes last-minute availability open up.

So in essence, early online check-in, elite status, miles redemptions, and flexibility can help you get a decent free seat assignment on Frontier without incurring the seat selection fees.

FAQs About Frontier Seat Selection

Q: Can I pick my seat for free during web check-in?

A: Yes, some window and middle seats become available for free during web check-in, which opens 24 hours before departure. Availability depends upon demand and timing.

Q: Does Frontier assign families together?

A: Typically, yes. Frontier attempts to seat children near parents whenever possible. However, there is no absolute guarantee unless you purchase Stretch or Upgraded seat types.

Q: Are exit row seats worth the extra money?

A: Exit rows generally boast ample legroom, benefiting tall passengers. However, emergency evacuation regulations dictate that occupants must comply with crew instructions and demonstrate proficiency in English.

Q: Can I upgrade my seat type after check-in?

A: Upgrading seat assignments post-check-in isn’t supported online, requiring you to visit the airport counter for assistance. Note that last-minute upgrades may come at premium prices.


Understanding Frontier’s seat selection system empowers fliers to navigate the process confidently. From snagging a coveted exit row spot to working with staff to accommodate group arrangements, knowledge is paramount for optimizing both comfort and finances. Always weigh the pros and cons of investing in a particular seat type, bearing in mind individual priorities, height, language skills, and flexibility. Above all, remain patient and open-minded while engaging with airline personnel – cooperative attitudes foster mutually beneficial outcomes.

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