Cathay Pacific Upgrade

How can you upgrade your Cathay Pacific seat?

Taking on a luxurious flying experience with Cathay Pacific necessitates careful planning and knowledge of their complex upgrade system. Fortunately, frequent flyers and loyal customers are key to improving their in-flight comfort level. This comprehensive guide delves into the various aspects of upgrading Cathay Pacific flights with miles and additional strategies for optimizing your next adventure.

How to upgrade seats on Cathay Pacific Airlines?

Cathay Pacific offers several seat upgrade options for a more comfortable flight experience. Upgrades allow additional legroom, reclining, and other amenities. And you can upgrade your seat on Cathay Pacific Airlines by the following method.

Here are the upgrade given below.

  • You can go through the website to upgrade your seat on Cathay Pacific Airlines.
  • Website – You can also do this with your mobile.
  • You just have to install the application. After that you have to log in your existence account.And now click on manage trip. After that proceed toward the payment option. At last you will get confirmation mail by the cathay pacific airlines. If you are near the airport, then you can visit the Cathay pacific airport, you will get the response to your question soon.
  • You can also c

Ways to Upgrade Seat on Cathay Pacific

Use Asia Miles

Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles frequent flyer program enables members to redeem miles for an upgrade. Availability is capacity-controlled so upgrades are subject to seat limitations. Members can bid their Asia Miles online starting 5 days before departure. Upgrades clear 48 hours pre-flight if seats are still available. Miles depends on the route and cabin class, usually starting around 32,000 one-way.

Bid for Upgrades

Cathay’s bid upgrade system allows you place a cash or miles bid for an upgrade after booking. Bids are processed 2 to 24 hours before departure time if space is available. You’ll be notified if your bid is successful.

Purchase Upgrades

Booking a guaranteed upgrade at the time of reservation is the surest way to secure a premium seat. When booking on or through an agent. Fees range from ~$200 for premium economy to over $2000+ for business on long-haul.

Standby for Upgrades

The airport may offer upgrades with limitations on the day of departure. This is based on a standby list that prioritizes Marco Polo elite members. Non-elites can ask to be on wait-listed but upgrades are less likely. In addition, standby upgrades incur additional fees paid at the gate if cleared.

Premium Economy Class

For long-haul flights, premium economy offers an intermediate upgrade with about 5-6 inches extra legroom plus other amenities like priority services, lounge access, and premium meal service.

Business Class

Business class upgrades provide lie-flat seating, fine dining, an amenity kit, lounge access and the highest level of service.

Policy To Upgrade

  • Eligibility for upgrades depends on the fare class purchased and Marco Polo tier status. Flexibility varies.
  • Fees, points/miles, and guidelines will depend on the type of upgrade and booking class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of upgrades are available on Cathay Pacific using Asia Miles?

Cathay Pacific offers various upgrade possibilities utilizing Asia Miles, including moving from Economy Class to Premium Economy, Business Class, or First Class. However,upgrades are subject to availability and specific terms and conditions.

How can I bid for an upgrade on Cathay Pacific flights?

You can participate in Cathay Pacific’s Bid Up program to submit an offer for an upgrade. Log in to your account, navigate to ‘Manage My Booking’ section, and place bid for the preferred cabin class.

Is there a chart indicating how many Asia Miles are needed for a Cathay Pacific upgrade?

Yes, Cathay Pacific publishes an award chart detailing the mileage requirements for upgrades among different cabins. Additionally, the amount varies depending on the route and distance traveled. Refer to the latest version of the chart on the Cathay Pacific website.

Can I use American Airlines (AA) miles to upgrade Cathay Pacific flights?

Unfortunately, Cathay Pacific does not permit upgrades using AA miles directly. Instead, consider converting your AA miles into Asia Miles and subsequently applying them towards a Cathay Pacific upgrade.

When can I request a Cathay Pacific upgrade at check-in?

If space permits, you may request an instant upgrade at the check-in counter or kiosk. Availability depends on the remaining seats in the higher cabin classes. However, priority is given to passengers holding confirm upgrade awards.

Are there any fees associated with upgrading Cathay Pacific flights using miles?

Fees vary depending on factors such as the type of fare purchased initially, the chosen route, and the origin/destination countries involved. Generally, expect to pay a nominal fee plus any difference in taxes or carrier charges when upgrading with miles. Refer to Cathay Pacific’s official website for pricing information.


Overall Cathay Pacific aims to make upgrading your inflight experience as seamless as possible. Following the advice, you can pick the upgrade method that best matches your budget, priorities and booking specifics like fare class. Upgrade availability is restricted, especially if using miles or bidding. In short plan ahead as far as possible to avoid inconvenience . For special occasions or when only the best will do, purchase the upgrade upfront to lock in your spot up front! However you choose to upgrade, Cathay Pacific will ensure your flight is comfortable, convenient and enjoyable.

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