El Al Flight Change Policy

Navigating El Al Flight Change Policy

El Al Israel Airlines aims to provide maximum flexibility to passengers who need to adjust their travel plans. However, El Al Change Flight rules vary depending on the type of ticket purchased and the time of request. In conclusion, this comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about changing or canceling El Al flights.

Fare Class Differences

El Al offers several fare classes with differing conditions and change/cancellation policies:

  • Flex/Full Flex – El Al’s most flexible and expensive fare class. Permits unlimited date/flight changes and cancellations without fees. Refundable before departure.
  • Semi-Flex – Medium flexibility. Allows 1-2 flight changes for free, then charges apply. Non-refundable.
  • Value/Promo – Basic discounted fares. No free changes/cancellations are allow. Non-refundable.
  • Group/Special – Group or special discounted fares. Furthermore, change/cancellation policy set per group contract.

The fare class purchased determines your flight change options. Flex fares provide the most leeway while Value fares have the most stringent and costly change terms.

Fees for Changes and Cancellations

If your ticket does allow changes or cancellations, the type of request you make determines any fees incurred:

  • Date/Flight Changes – For Flex fares, unlimited changes are free. For Semi-Flex, 1-2 free changes are permit then a $100-$150 fee per change applies.
  • Route Changes – Considered a new booking so treated as a cancellation with rebooking at current fares. Cancellation penalties apply based on the class of ticket else get the details at +972-3-977-1111 or +1-860-845-0471.
  • Cancellations – Flex fares receive a full refund. Semi-Flex gets unused value as credit. Value/Promo fares forfeit ticket value after 24 hours from purchase.
  • Name Changes – Not allowed on any fare type due to security restrictions. Require ticket cancellation/reissue at applicable change fees.
  • Refund Method – Refunds are issued in the original form of payment. Exceptions may apply. Allow 30 days for processing.

Timing of Changes and Cancellations

When you make your flight adjustments also impacts any penalties assessed:

  • After Ticket Purchase – Changes/cancellations made within 24 hours of purchase are free for all fares, else change fees apply.
  • Before Departure – For Flex/Semi-Flex tickets, fees are lower for changes made more than 3 hours before departure. Under 3 hours incurs higher fees.
  • After Departure – Changes or cancellations aren’t permitt after flight has depart.
  • No-Show – If you simply don’t show up for a flight, the ticket value is forfeited entirely.

Early changes ensure lowest fees. Once flight is airborne, no more adjustments are allowed.

Refunds and Vouchers

How canceled tickets are handled depends on the fare class?

  • Flex – Full refund to original form of payment, no voucher issued.
  • Semi-Flex – Unused ticket value issued as an electronic credit voucher, valid 1 year from issue date.
  • Value/Promo – However, no refund or credit. Ticket value is forfeited.

Vouchers can applied to future El Al reservations in your name or transferred to someone else. Using a voucher avoids change fees.

Making Changes Online

You can make simplest changes like date or flight adjustments via El Al’s website:

  • Firstly, login to your booking using your confirmation code and last name.
  • Then under “My Bookings” select “Change Flight” and enter your details.
  • Next, select new desired dates/flights from options provided.
  • After that, pay any change fees required to confirm the update.
  • Finally, receive your revised e-ticket confirmation electronically.

For complex or urgent changes, working directly with an El Al agent by phone.

Tips for Hassle-Free El Al Change Flight

  • Make flight changes as early as possible to avoid higher fees.
  • Before booking Know your fare rules – Flex for worry-free changes or Value to lock in best rates.
  • In addition, purchase travel insurance to allow medical/emergency cancellations without major loss.
  • Set alerts for price drops to rebook at lower fares if dates are flexible.
  • Use vouchers quickly – they expire one year after cancellation.

FAQs on El Al Change Flight:

Q: What is El Al’s policy for changing an existing flight booking?

A: El Al allows flight changes but fees and rules vary by fare class. Flex fares permit unlimited free changes. Semi-Flex fares allow 1-2 free changes then charges apply. Additionally, Value/Promo fares can’t change without cancellation fees. However,you can make changes directly with El Al by phone (+972-3-977-1111or ) or online.

Q: What is the phone number to call to change an El Al flight booking?

A: To change an existing El Al flight reservation over the phone, you can call El Al reservations at +1-800-223-6700 if calling from the US/Canada or +972-3-977-1111 if calling internationally. An agent can review your booking and options for making permitted flight changes per the fare class purchased.

Q: How much does El Al charge to change the date on an existing flight booking?

A: Date change fees on El Al depend on the fare class purchased and timing of change: Flex fare – Free; Semi-Flex fare – Free if 1+ day before departure, $100 fee if less than 24 hours; Value/Promo fare – Not permitted, cancellation fees apply to rebook.

Q: What are the fees and costs to change an El Al flight booking?

A: The fees and costs to change an existing El Al flight reservation depend on the original fare class purchased:

  • Flex fare – Unlimited free flight changes are permit. No change fees apply.
  • Semi-Flex fare – 1-2 flight changes are free, then a $100-$150 change fee per ticket applies.
  • Value or Promo fare – Flight changes are not allow. If changes are necessary, however, then discount fares must cancel and rebook at current fares.
  • Group/Special fares – Lastly, change policies and fees are set per group contract terms.

Closing Words!

Overall, for the utmost benefits of a lucrative air travel El Al flight offers passengers the best services and in-flight assistance. Furthermore, You can communicate directly to a live agent at +1-800-223-6700 to know the best available deals or any concern of your interest. Thus, book flights with El Al flight and feel the real charm of a convenient air travel.

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