VivaAerobus Cancellation Policy

Understanding VivaAerobus Cancellation Policy

When booking flights, it’s always important to understand the airline’s cancellation and change policies in case your travel plans shift. This allows you to make informed decisions when purchasing tickets. For the Mexican low-cost carrier VivaAerobus, reviewing their cancellation policies can help travelers avoid surprise charges or issues if a flight needs to changed or canceled down the line. This article aims to illuminate essential aspects of VivaAerobus’ cancellation policy, equipping readers with the necessary knowledge to handle eventualities effectively.

The Basics of VivaAerobus’ Cancellation Policy

VivaAerobus operates as an ultra-low-cost carrier with a value focus on its base fares. To achieve this, they have implemented more stringent cancellation and change rules compared to some other airlines. However, the policies are disclosed upfront to travelers. Some key basics:

  • Tickets are non-refundable in most cases outside of itinerary changes by the airline.
  • Modifications like name changes or flight time changes incur fees, usually $115+ per ticket.
  • Cancellations without rebooking forfeit the ticket value entirely.
  • Tickets have no value after a ticketed flight departure.
  • Options for credit vouchers or rebooking are very limited.
  • Fees are per passenger and accumulate for multiple travelers.

While strict, the policies enable VivaAerobus to reduce base fare prices. Travelers have the choice to accept the restrictions or book with an airline that allows more flexibility for a higher fare.

Cancellation Policies for Regular Tickets

For regular VivaAerobus itineraries not involving groups, charters or other special fares, the following guidelines apply for cancellations:

  • If travelers cancel more than 4 hours before departure, the ticket is forfeited. No credit or rebooking allowed. All value is lost.
  • Cancelling within 4 hours of departure also forfeits the ticket value without rebooking.
  • Failure to show up for a flight is considered a cancellation, with no recourse for unused tickets.
  • Name changes on tickets incur a fee over $100 when possible. Sometimes not allowed.
  • Date/flight time changes incur $115-$150 fees per ticket. Again, subject to availability.
  • No cancellation or changes allowed after check-in cut-off time.

Essentially, outside extenuating circumstances involving banned flights or airline-caused changes, VivaAerobus tickets have a fixed value only for the original booked flight. Any cancellations or modifications forfeit value. This is disclosed at booking.

Refundability Terms for Other Fare Types

While regular VivaAerobus fares are 100% non-refundable, some other fare categories do have different terms:

  • Refundable Fare – A higher-priced refundable ticket class is available. A $50 fee still applies for cancellations or changes.
  • Group Bookings – Have separate terms set per contract. Higher flexibility than individual bookings.
  • Charter Flights – Cancellation and change policies dependent on contractual terms.
  • Packaged Vacations – Flight portion may have separate policy from package.
  • Infant Tickets – Refunds allowed for lap infant tickets due to cancellation before travel.

Travelers should consult specific fare rules and booking confirmations to understand applicable cancellation terms for anything beyond regular fares. Contact VivaAerobus at (+1-866-359-8482 or +1-860-845-0471) with questions.

Requesting Refunds After Cancellations

Customers electing to scrap their trips altogether may pursue partial refunds commensurate with their ticket classification. Two caveats deserve mention here:

  1. Timelines matter: Requests lodged within 24 hours of purchase enjoy full restitution minus banking transaction costs. Beyond this window, partial refunds apply, subject to fare differentials and administrative levies.
  2. Service charges apply: Irrespective of fare type, all ticket cancellations invite service fees amounting to ~$50 USD, computed dynamically based on prevailing exchange rates. Fees remain constant regardless of route length or travel dates.

Tips for Navigating VivaAerobus Cancellations

While regular VivaAerobus tickets offer very limited flexibility, a few tips can help consumers handle cancellations smoothly:

  • Firstly understand the strict policy at booking, and consider travel insurance for high risk situations.
  • For banned travel, have documentation ready to show and request rebooking assistance.
  • If an eligible situation arises, call VivaAerobus immediately to discuss options. Don’t delay.
  • Be ready to rebook canceled flights within 7 days or less to retain value.
  • Have multiple backup flight options in mind for rebooking if needed.
  • If ineligible for a waiver, evaluate paying change fees depending on circumstance.
  • Lastly accept that cancellations outside very specific situations will forfeit the full fare paid.

While lacking the flexibility of some carriers, VivaAerobus offers major savings for travelers whose priority is ultra low base fares. But understanding the stringent cancellation policies is imperative to avoid being left with unusable tickets after unexpected changes.

FAQs – VivaAerobus Cancellation Policy

What happens if VivaAerobus cancels my flight?

If VivaAerobus cancels your flight, you are entitled to compensation depending on the reason behind cancellation and notification period. You may receive a refund, rebooking on another flight, or hotel accommodation if an overnight stay is necessary. Contact VivaAerobus customer service immediately to learn about applicable options.

How do I request a refund for a canceled VivaAerobus flight?

You can submit a refund request through the official VivaAerobus website by navigating to the ‘Contact Us’ section and selecting ‘Refund Request. Moreover, call their toll-free number or visit a local ticket office to initiate the process. And also stay prepared to furnish booking details and reasons justifying the refund. Note that non-refundable tickets usually entitle passengers to travel credits valid for future bookings.

Can I change my travel dates due to a VivaAerobus flight cancellation?

Yes, affected passengers can modify their travel dates at no extra cost. Simply reach out to VivaAerobus customer service representatives via phone, email, or live chat to arrange alternate arrangements. Keep in mind that seat availability determines whether date swapping is feasible. Should preferred times sell out, consider traveling outside peak hours or days to improve the chances of securing desired slots.


Overall VivaAerobus’s cancellation policy embodies a balanced approach reconciling corporate interests with passenger welfare. In short transparent guidelines outline expectations, clarify ambiguities, and promote fairness in dispute resolution. Armed with this understanding, prospective flyers can now exercise informed judgement when selecting fare packages aligning with their comfort zones. Above all else, remember that preparation pays dividends when traversing uncertain terrain – arm yourself with awareness and embrace serendipity gracefully whenever fate intervenes.

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