Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy

Navigating Singapore Airlines cancellation policy

Singapore Airlines, one of the most respected and preferred airline companies worldwide, understands that trip cancellations sometimes occur unexpectedly. Therefore, they have designed Singapore Airlines cancellation policy to accommodate passengers dealing with changes in their travel plans. This article explains Singapore Airline’s cancellation policies, covering ticket types, deadlines, fees, and exceptions. Read on to learn everything you need to know about canceling flights with Singapore Airlines.

Types of Tickets Covered Under Singapore Cancellation Policy

Not all tickets sold by Singapore Airlines share identical cancellation rules and restrictions. The primary determinants of cancellation flexibility involve fare type, ticket class, and booking channel. Typically, the higher priced fares tend to have generous cancellation policies, whereas budget or restrictive fares limit your ability to change or cancel reservations. Here are the main categories of tickets affected by Singapore Airlines’ cancellation policy:

  1. Economy Class Tickets
  2. Premium Economy Class Tickets
  3. Business Class Tickets
  4. First Class Tickets
  5. Award Tickets
  6. Group Bookings
  7. Infant Tickets

Singapore Cancellation Policy Fee Structure

Singapore Airlines levies cancellation and rebooking fees depending on the class of travel and lead time between cancellation and scheduled flight departure:

  • Economy Class – $120-$300 cancellation fee applied 3 days before departure.
  • Premium Economy – $150-$350 cancellation fee applicable 7 days before departure.
  • Business Class – $200-$500 cancellation fee applies 7 days before departure.
  • First Class – $250-$550 cancellation fee applies 7 days before departure.

Apart from the cancellation penalty, rebooking or rerouting charges also apply in case of voluntary changes. The earlier you cancel or change flights, the lower the fees.

Refund Eligibility For Voluntary Cancellation

When you voluntarily cancel your Singapore Airlines ticket, refund eligibility and amount depend on:

  • Ticket type – refundable or non-refundable
  • Fare rules and conditions
  • Cancellation time frame – before or after departure

For refundable tickets, usually full fare is refunded after deducting the cancellation penalty and taxes. For non-refundable tickets, only taxes are refunded.

Refund/Rebooking For Flight Delays/Cancellation

In case of flight delays or cancellations due to bad weather, operational issues, air traffic problems, etc. Singapore Airlines will rebook you on the next available flight free of charge. In fact meal vouchers are provided during long delays.

If the flight cancellation is due to external circumstances outside the airline’s control, Singapore Airlines will offer a credit shell valid for 2 years to rebook flights without change fees.

How to Cancel Flights with Singapore Airlines?

Passengers can exercise the cancellation privilege via the following channels:

  1. Official Website: Navigate to Manage My Booking > View/Change > Cancel Reservation. Input the reservation code and last name, followed by clicking search to retrieve the booking record. Proceed with cancellation instructions displayed on the screen.
  2. Mobile App: Download the SingaporeAir app and sign in to your membership account. Locate the target booking under My Trips > More Options > Cancel. Follow prompts to accomplish the cancellation sequence.
  3. Call Center: Phone Singapore Airlines’ global hotline at (+65 6223 8888 or +1-860-845-0471) or the local numbers listed on their website. Speak with an agent trained to handle flight cancellations and provide the requested information to execute the termination.
  4. Airport Counters: Approach airport check-in counters or kiosks before scheduled departure. Share the reservation locator and accompanying photo identification to commence the cancellation formalities.

Refund Policies Following Cancellations

Upon successful annulment, refund requests materialize based on original payment methods and underlying fare regulations. Expect remuneration proceedings to ensue within seven to twenty business days, depending on regional constraints and administrative complexities. However, Singapore Airlines maintains separate pages detailing refund policies for various forms of tender used during initial transactions:

  1. Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club International, China UnionPay, UOB Smart$ Payment Solutions, and others.
  2. Debit Card: Cirrus, Maestro, NETS, and selected domestic brands.
  3. Internet Banking: Direct fund transfers executed via Internet portals operated by accredited financial organizations.
  4. Charge/Travel Agent: Third-party representatives acting on behalf of customers, assuming responsibility for collecting and transmitting payments.
  5. Other Means: Cheques, money orders, wire transfers, etc., falling outside conventional categories.

How to Request Refunds?

To claim refunds for a cancelled or unused Singapore Airlines ticket, you need to submit a refund request online along with supporting documents. Follow these steps for further:

  1. Firstly, Fill out the online refund request form on the Singapore Airlines website.
  2. Attach soft copies of the ticket, boarding pass, identification, and any other relevant documents.
  3. Explain the reason for the refund and choose the mode of payment.
  4. Submit the form and documents online for processing.
  5. Track status using your booking reference number.
  6. Lastly, Refund will be processed within 7-14 days if approved.


Overall Navigating Singapore Airlines’ cancellation policy calls for vigilance and understanding of varying fare classes, deadlines, and exception cases. And also remaining alert to emerging trends and staying abreast of alterations will equip savvy travelers with the requisite insights needed to mitigate financial losses and sidestep operational hurdles. However, utilizing authorized channels to effectuate cancellations and pursuing expedient refund claims bolsters the likelihood of achieving satisfactory outcomes. In short embrace the ever-changing dynamics governing airfare liquidity, tempered by judicious preparation and strategic resource allocation.

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