Lufthansa Multi-City Flight

Get the Most from Your Lufthansa Ticket: A Guide to Multi-City Flight Bookings

Booking multi-city trips with Lufthansa, Germany’s flagship airline, opens vast opportunities for exploring diverse destinations efficiently and affordably. Whether planning business meetings, cultural excursions, or family visits, Lufthansa’s comprehensive network serves hundreds of locations globally, facilitating intricate itineraries. Learn about the benefits, nuances, and best practices surrounding Lufthansa’s multi-city flight booking process below.

What is Multi-City Flight Booking?

A multi-city flight booking allows you to combine two or more one-way flights on a single ticket. This creates an itinerary with stopovers in one or more cities before reaching your final destination. For example, you could book a single ticket from New York to Paris, then Paris to Rome, and finally Rome to Madrid. This gives more flexibility compared to standard roundtrip bookings.

Advantages of Multi-City with Lufthansa

There are some notable advantages to booking a multi-city flight on Lufthansa:

  • Cost Savings: A multi-city flight can be significantly cheaper than buying individual one-way tickets. Lufthansa offers discounted fares for multi-city bookings.
  • Luggage Checking: You can check your bags through to your final destination on a multi-city booking and avoid claiming/rechecking at stopovers.
  • Single Reservation: The entire journey is on one PNR reservation, avoiding the hassles of individual bookings.
  • Flight Guarantee: All flights are confirmed at the time of booking itself.
  • Ticket Change Flexibility: You can change dates and routing on one ticket rather than on multiple tickets.
  • Efficient Connection Times: Lufthansa schedules efficient connection times between flights.
  • Eligible for Upgrades: Multi-city tickets are eligible for cabin upgrades.
  • Miles Accrual: You can accrue frequent flyer miles for the entire journey.

Discover Europe with Lufthansa’s Hub System:

As a Star Alliance member, Lufthansa collaborates closely with partner airlines to expand reach and enhance connectivity. Its central European hubs—Frankfurt (FRA) and Munich (MUC)—act as gateways to countless destinations across Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America. Additionally utilizing this extensive infrastructure, passengers can craft tailored multi-leg adventures effortlessly, enjoying seamless transfers, competitive pricing, and top-notch amenities en route.

Step-by-Step Guide to Booking Multi-City Flights with Lufthansa:

  1. Firstly start by visiting Lufthansa’s official website ( or downloading its mobile app for quick access to flight search tools and exclusive deals.
  2. Sign in to your Miles & More account (optional) to earn miles, redeem awards, or utilize existing credit balances toward upcoming trips. Non-members may continue as guests.
  3. Input your preferred origin, destination(s), and travel dates using the intuitive interface provided.However, remember to toggle the “Multiple Destinations” option found beneath the main search bar.
  4. Specify cabin preference, stopover limits, and any additional filter settings prior to commencing your query. Note that restrictive parameters may narrow results considerably.
  5. Peruse the displayed alternatives, comparing fares, durations, and connection points accordingly. Sort outcomes by relevance, price, or departure times for added convenience.
  6. Once satisfied with your selection, proceed to the next stage by clicking the corresponding button. Double-check all input data for accuracy before moving forward.
  7. Add optional extras like checked baggage, priority boarding, or pre-assigned seating according to personal preferences. Review associated fees and inclusions meticulously.
  8. Complete the passenger information form, supplying names, birthdates, gender, and nationality fields accurately. Attach Advanced Passenger Information (API) records where mandatory.
  9. Opt for insurance coverage, expedited airport processing, or hotel reservations as desired. Then, finalize payment using a secure provider approved by Lufthansa.
  10. Upon completion, receive electronic confirmation containing pertinent details such as record locators, e-tickets, and booking references. Store this material safely for future use.

Rules and Baggage Policies

The fare rules and baggage policies for multi-city bookings will be aligned to the most restrictive class on the entire journey. So if you have one economy light segment, baggage and change/cancellation rules will apply as per that class across all flights. This needs to be reviewed before booking.
In case of any changes or cancellations, the entire multi-city itinerary must be rebooked together. Partial changes to only some segments are not possible.
If a multi-city flight gets delayed or cancelled, Lufthansa will re-accommodate you on the next flight combination possible. Compensation eligibility will depend on the cause of irregular operations.

Best Practices for Successful Multi-City Travel:

Successfully managing multi-city itineraries demands careful attention, organization, and adaptability. Employ these tactics to streamline processes and mitigate setbacks:

  • Maintain digital copies of critical documents, such as visas, vaccination cards, or health declarations, accessible offline yet synced across devices.
  • Allow sufficient buffer times between connecting flights, ideally exceeding the minimum connection windows stipulated by Lufthansa.
  • Stay informed about operational irregularities, inclement weather warnings, or geopolitical developments that might disrupt planned activities.
  • Register for automated alerts through Lufthansa’s mobile application or subscription services, receiving prompt status updates regarding cancellations, delays, or rescheduling.
  • Engage proactive communication channels with ground staff, call centers, or social media teams to resolve pressing concerns swiftly and professionally.

FAQ on Booking Multi-City Flights on Lufthansa:

What is a multi-city flight booking?

A multi-city flight booking allows you to book multiple one-way flights on a single ticket. It creates an itinerary with stopovers in multiple cities before reaching your final destination. For example, New York – Paris – Rome – Madrid.

What are the benefits of booking a Lufthansa multi-city flight?

Benefits include cost savings compared to individual one-way tickets, through-checked baggage to final destination, a single PNR reservation, confirmed flights at booking, and the ability to change dates/routing on one ticket.

How many stopovers can I have on a Lufthansa multi-city booking?

You can have up to 5 stopovers on a single multi-city booking with Lufthansa. The maximum permitted is 5 destinations.

What rules apply when booking a multi-city flight on Lufthansa?

Rules include – all flights must be Lufthansa or partner airlines, booked chronologically, no open-jaws allowed, roundtrips must end at originating city, and budget fares may have restrictions. However, codeshare flights not operated by Lufthansa are not permitted.

How do I book a multi-city flight on

On, enter your starting city and date, then enter stopover city/date for each additional leg. Select your preferred flight combination from options. Enter passenger details and make payment.

Can I include other airlines along with Lufthansa on a multi-city booking?

No, all flight segments in a Lufthansa multi-city booking must operated by Lufthansa or their partner airlines. Other airlines cannot be mixed.

What happens if I need to change parts of my Lufthansa multi-city flight?

You will need to rebook the entire multi-city itinerary together. However, partial changes to individual segments are not allowed.


In short mastering Lufthansa’s multi-city flight booking system empowers adventurous spirits, savvy professionals, and frugal tourists alike. Overall, armed with insider knowledge, strategic foresight, and diligent preparation, globe-trotters can confidently traverse continents, cultures, and cuisines, realizing dreams and fostering lifelong memories along the way. Bon voyage!

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