Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy

What is Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Choosing your seat is one of the key decisions when booking flights. The seat you select can greatly impact your in-flight experience, comfort, and convenience on your trip. Delta Air Lines offers flyers several options to pick their preferred seats for free or by paying fees depending on factors like ticket type, Elite Status level, flight route and more. This article will explore Delta Airlines seat selection policies, fees, recommended seats for different flyers, and tips to get your desired seat for free.

How Does Delta Seat Selection Work?

Delta seat selection lets passengers choose their desired seat during the booking process or manage their reservation online, through the FlyDelta app, or at the airport kiosk or counter. Most domestic flights offer complimentary seat assignments at booking, while international flights may require payment for advance seat selection. Delta Comfort+® and First Class seats are typically available for immediate selection. Fees for extra legroom or preferred selections depend on route and fare purchased. Medallion® Members enjoy complimentary Preferred Seats and extra legroom. Upon check-in, passengers can adjust their seat assignments based on availability. Special accommodations, such as wheelchair assistance, can be requested during booking or by contacting Delta’s disability desk.

How Do I Choose a Seat on Delta Airlines Flights?

  • At the time of booking: Select your preferred seat during the booking process on or through a travel agency. Look for the seat map icon and choose from available options.
  • Manage My Trips: Access your reservation via the ‘My Trips’ section on or the FlyDelta app and select ‘Change Seats’. Available seats will be displayed, and you can proceed with your preference.
  • Airport Kiosk or Counter: Visit a Delta airport kiosk or counter to choose your seat before check-in.
  • Medallion® Members: Higher tier Medallion members receive complimentary seat upgrades, including Preferred Seats and extra legroom. Log in to My Delta to access these benefits.
  • Extra Legroom Seats: Pay a fee for additional legroom by selecting Economy Comfort™ or Delta Premium Select. Bulkhead or exit row seats might require special handling approval.
  • Group Travel: Coordinate seat assignments for everyone in your party through the ‘Manage My Trips’ function or by calling Delta’s reservation line.
  • Accessibility Requests: Request special accommodations, such as wheelchair assistance, during booking or by contacting Delta’s disability desk.
  • Same-Day Changes: Modify your seat assignment when making same-day confirmed or same-day standby changes, subject to availability.
  • International Flights: Check the seat maps for long-haul international flights carefully, as seat configurations may differ significantly.

What are the Different Seating Options Available on Delta Flights?

Delta offers various seating options on its flights, including:

  1. Main Cabin: Standard coach seating with typical legroom and width.
  2. Delta Comfort+®: Offers extra legroom, priority boarding, dedicated overhead bin space, and enhanced meal service.
  3. First Class: Spacious seating with wider seats, additional legroom, and premium dining options.
  4. Delta Premium Select: Luxurious seating on long-haul international flights with more space, improved amenities, and dedicated cabin crew.
  5. Delta One® Suites: Private suites on select long-distance international flights, featuring lie-flat beds, sliding doors, and superior in-flight entertainment.

Delta’s Advance Seat Selection Policy

Most Delta tickets now fall under their “Basic Economy” fare class which only includes free seat assignments at check-in. To select seats before check-in opens, fees from $10-$59 apply based on your destination and seat. However some discounted “Main Cabin” fares may include free advance selection.

Upgrading to Delta Comfort+ or First Class comes with complimentary advance selection in those cabins. Delta premium elites also get free advance picks based on their status tier. For everyone else, fees are incurred to reserve specific seats in advance.

You can purchase advance seat selection during booking or later through Delta’s “My Trips” interface online. However, options will be more limited closer to departure as many travelers will have already reserved spots.

Delta Airlines Seat Selection Costs and Fees

The fees to select Main Cabin seats range from $10-$59 per segment depending on your flight. Delta Comfort+ seats cost $9-$59 to reserve in advance. Also First Class seats can be selected starting at $49 per segment in addition to any upgrade fees required.

Factors impacting seat fees include route, demand, date of travel and how early you per-select your seat. In addition Flights to popular destinations like Hawaii or Florida and peak summer travel times attract the highest fees. Booking 6+ months out has lower fees than reserving seats close-in to travel.

Tips to Get Your Preferred Seat Without Paying

While Delta charges for advance seat selection in most cases, there are some tricks to help get your preferred seat for free:

  1. Book early when all seats are available to get your pick complimentary.
  2. Select a window on one side and aisle on the other in a row to likely end up with the middle free.
  3. Check-in right at 24 hours pre-flight to get the best remaining Main Cabin seats.
  4. Use a mileage award ticket to select seats for free based on availability.
  5. Ask kindly at the gate if any better seats are open – sometimes last minute options appear.
  6. Reach Medallion Elite Status to get complimentary advance seating privileges.
  7. Sign up for a Delta co-branded credit card for some bonus seat selection perks.
  8. Be flexible and willing to take what you can get if you don’t pay to pick early!


Overall Delta offers flyers options to tailor the flight experience through advance seat reservations. While seat selection fees now apply in most cases, understanding policies around when seats can be selected, associated costs, recommended seats for your needs, and tips to snag a good seat for free can help maximize your in-flight comfort on Delta. Do your research before booking to make the right seating decisions for your upcoming trip.

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