Volaris Seat Selection

Volaris Airlines Seat Selection

Did you forget to select a seat while booking? Do you want to select better Volaris seats for a more comfortable journey? Everyone wants to travel with maximum comfort and more space while traveling to avoid jet lag and discomfort. To experience the best travel and comfortable journey, the airline offers Volaris seat selection.

Volaris is a low-cost airline that offers excellent facilities and services to travelers. Since upgrading your seat may be costly, the regular chairs are not very comfortable. But, with Volaris seat selection policy, you can upgrade your seat at affordable prices.

If you want to know about the Volaris seating and how you can select your seat with Volaris. You need to refer to the information underneath for a better understanding.

What is the Volaris Seat Selection Policy?

Volaris Airlines offers 4 types of seats during or after booking your flight. So, the policy allows the passengers to choose their seats at their convenience.

But to select your seat, you need to follow the seat selection policy:

  • According to the Volaris seat selection policy, passengers can choose the best seats on the Volaris plane through the official page of Volaris.
  • If a passenger wants to select Volaris flight seats after Booking. In that case, they have to choose seats with the Manage My Booking option.
  • Passengers must pay seat section fees when selecting or changing their Volaris seats.

Condition of Volaris Seating

Volaris Seat Selection

If a passenger wants to select a seat, per policy, they must follow some conditions. –

During Reservation

You can add a Volaris seat selection combo while Booking. But with this package, you won’t be able to get the first row or emergency exit seat.


If passengers have already booked their flight, they can go to the official website My Trips option, go to Volaris seats map a320/ or any other seat map, select the seat, and pay respective fees.

At the Airport

Passengers can also select a seat at the airport when they arrive at the check-in counter for their flight. Passengers may not have to pay an additional fee if they choose a seat from available ones.

How to Select Seats on Volaris?

Volaris airplane seat selection is a standard process, so airlines offer flexible options for passengers to Volaris change seats. You can choose any of the options and enjoy your trip. Follow the methods which suit you the most and select your seat.

Through Official Website

  • First, go to the official site of Volaris.
  • Select the My tRips option from the main menu.
  • Then, enter your reservation code and the last name of the passenger.
  • Further, go to Manage Booking and retrieve your reservation.
  • Then select the link to select/ change your seat on the Volaris flight.
  • Then, choose your most preferred seat from the Volaris seats map.
  • You will also see the price for each seat.
  • Pick the seat and pay the seat selection fees.

Through Travel Executives

  • Dial the Volaris airline Toll-Free number +1 855- 865-2747.
  • Listen to the IVR instructions to start your responses.
  • Then, you can select the preferred language (English or Spanish)
  • Press the required key to initiate the Seat selection procedure of Volaris.
  • Once the representative connects, seek assistance to select a desired seat on Volaris Airlines.
  • Choose the seats as per your preference and pay the fee for Volaris premium seats.

At the Airport

  • Once you reach the airport, you can go to the ticket counter or check-in counter.
  • You can ask the representative to select your seat, or you can choose at the check-in kiosk.
  • Ask the representative to select your seat.
  • Provide your flight information.
  • They will find seats and tell you.
  • Select seats as per your preferences and make a seat selection payment.

Once the payment is made, passengers will get the seat assignment confirmation mail on their registered mobile or email address.

Does Volaris Charge for Seat Selection?

If a passenger wants to select desired seats, they might have to pay an additional fee for premium or first-class seats.

  • If the passengers want to select Volaris first class seats or Volaris premium seats. In that case, the airline will charge the passengers an additional fee between USD 10 and USD 30.
  • If a passenger has to reserve a seat after booking their flight, they have to pay a nominal amount of fee to the airline.
  • Volaris Airlines seat selection may differ as per the travel route, date, or destination.

Options to Choose the Best Seats on Volaris Plane

As mentioned above, Volaris Airlines offers 4 types of seats in their flight. Passengers can easily pick a seat during seat selection. The expected availability of seats while selecting the Volaris empty seat option.


The seats are on the first row. This seat offers an extra space, fast exit upon arrival, and early boarding during departure. Due to the more legroom spaces, these seats are costly.

More Space

These seats are emergency exit seats. These seats have additional space and provide better comfort to the passengers.


These seats are the seats from row 2 to row 5. It is usually known as quick seats. Volaris seat selection fee for these seats ranges between $13 – $16. If the passenger selects these seats, they will be among those passengers who will exit first upon arriving at the destination.


These are the seats from the aisle or window seats. And you can avoid the middle seats.

Restriction to Emergency exit rows in Volaris Airlines Seats Selection

Per the seat selection policy of Volaris Airlines, some travelers are not allowed to select emergency exit seats due to security reasons.

Passengers who are not allowed on these seats-

  • Domestic or international travelers who are traveling with pets.
  • Pregnant women
  • Minor less than the age of 15 years old.
  • Passengers with special needs such as auditory, visual, speech impairment, or cognitive issues.
  • Passengers flying with infants or babies.
  • Passengers who are suffering from any illness or have any medical conditions.

Volaris offers emergency exit seats to those passengers who can quickly assist the cabin crew or passengers during the time of emergencies. To select an emergency seat, you must be aware of the guidelines and Volaris seat selection policy. If passengers seated on the emergency exit seats cannot assist during an emergency. In that case, they may be asked to occupy another seat if the situation arises.

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