Avianca Change Flight Policy

Avianca Change Flight: A Comprehensive Guide to Modifying Your Travel Plans

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes your travel plans need to be adjusted. Avianca Airlines understands this and offers flexible options for passengers who need to change their flights. This guide will walk you through the process of change your Avianca flight booking, ensuring a smooth experience.

Understanding Avianca’s Change Flight Policy

Before making changes to your flight, review Avianca’s change flight policy, which covers aspects like eligibility, fees, and time restrictions. Keep in mind that the policy may vary based on your fare type and route.

  • Eligibility: The change flight policy applies to most Avianca Airlines tickets, but the specific conditions may vary based on fare type and route. It’s crucial to review your ticket’s terms and conditions to understand the applicable rules.
  • Fees and Fare Differences: Changing your flight may incur additional costs, including change fees and fare differences. The fees depend on your ticket type and the nature of the changes you’re making. Be prepared for potential charges when modifying your booking.
  • Time Restrictions: Some fare types may have limitations on when changes can be made, so plan accordingly. Generally, you can make changes before your flight’s departure, but specific timeframes may apply.

Steps to Change Your Avianca Flight

Changing your Avianca flight can be done quickly and efficiently by following these steps:

Online Changes

  • Visit the Avianca Airlines official website and navigate to the “Manage Your Booking” section.
  • Enter your reservation code and last name to access your Avianca booking details.
  • Look for the “Change Flight” option and complete the required information.
  • Then, Choose the flight you want to change and select the new date or schedule option.
  • Confirm your selection and enter the payment information if applicable.
  • Additionally, You will receive an email with your updated Avianca Airlines itinerary.

Contact Avianca’s Phone Number

If you prefer to change your flight through customer service, call Avianca’s  hotline at +1 (866) 919-0081 or +1-860-845-0471 or visit a local Avianca sales office. Additionally, Provide your booking details and explain your desired changes. The representative will inform you of any fees or fare differences and help you complete the process.

Considerations During the Change Process

Verify flight availability for the new booking, and consider alternative dates or routes if your preferred flight is fully booked. Be aware of fees and fare differences that may apply, and review any time restrictions associated with your fare type.

  • Fees and Fare Differences: Depending on your fare type and the nature of the changes, fees and fare differences may apply. Be prepared for potential additional costs when changing your flight.
  • Time Restrictions: Some fare types may have restrictions on when changes can be made, so plan accordingly.
  • Flight Availability: Ensure there’s availability on the new flight you’d like to book. If your preferred flight is fully booked, consider alternative dates or routes.

Avianca’s Travel Flexibility Features

  • Avianca Travel Smart: This feature lets you make multiple changes to your flight booking for a one-time fee. It can be an excellent option if you anticipate multiple changes to your travel plans.


How do I change my flight to Avianca?

You can change your Avianca flight through the following methods:

  • Online at by retrieving your reservation.
  • Through the Avianca mobile app.
  • By calling Avianca Reservations at +1 (866) 919-0081 or +1-860-845-0471.
  • At an airport ticket counter.

Have your record locator/ticket number and passenger details handy.

When can I change my Avianca flight?

For most tickets, you can change your flight anytime after booking up until a certain window before departure (usually 1 hour for domestic, 2-3 hours for international). The further in advance you change, the lower the change fee.

What are the fees to change an Avianca flight?

Change fees on Avianca vary based on your route, fare class, Elite status, and how soon you change:

  • Economy fares: Typically -0 per person plus fare difference.
  • Business/First: 0 per person plus fare difference.
  • Changes at the airport/last minute are the highest fees.

What if the new Avianca flight I want has a higher fare?

If you change to a flight with a higher fare, you’ll need to pay the change fee plus the difference in base fare and any tax/fee increases from your original ticket.

Can I get a refund if my new flight is cheaper?

In most cases, no you cannot get a refund of any fare difference if your new Avianca flight is in a lower fare class. You simply pay the change fee.

Do I have to change directly with Avianca if booked through a third party?

If you booked through an online travel agency or other third party, you’ll likely need to have them process any changes/re-bookings rather than going directly to Avianca.

Are changes allowed on non-refundable Avianca tickets?

Yes, Avianca allows changes on even fully non-refundable fares, though you’ll pay the applicable change fees and fare differences. Not changing is the only way to lose 100% of the value.

Can I change for free if Avianca changed my flight times?

If Avianca made a significant schedule change to your original itinerary, you’re permitted a one-time free change at +1 (866) 919-0081 or +1-860-845-0471 to an alternate flight, as long as the origin/destination and travel dates remain the same.

Changing your Avianca flight doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By understanding Avianca’s change flight policy and following the provided steps, you can easily modify your booking and continue your journey with peace of mind.

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